Collection Programs: No Recovery-No Fee

BAS's Collection service takes a comprehensive approach to secure payment on your past due receivables. We directly contact, through both telephone and mail, your customers to ensure payment of your outstanding debts. We respect the rights of your customers while unequivocally imparting the necessity of honoring their contractual obligations to you.

We utilize a series of letters, phone calls by experienced debt collectors, credit bureau reporting, skip-tracing and litigation to get your account paid in full. In addition, we monitor your accounts for fraud and identity theft. We provide all these services without any upfront costs to you. All client funds are cleared through a trust account and remitted to you before the 10th day of each month. We will earn commission only from payments we collect.

BAS Collection Process

Within 24 hours of placing an account with us, BAS will mail the first of four letters to the debtor via US mail and your case will be placed in the workload of one of our on staff collectors. Our collectors will then attempt to contact the debtor by phone and obtain a payment in full. If the contact information is not accurate, the account will be placed in skip tracing. If the collector is not able to get a payment in full or negotiate a payment plan, we’ll determine if the debtor has cash flow or assets which could be garnished through litigation.

We will:
  • Skip trace balances as low as $25
  • Actively work balances $25 and up
  • Detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft
  • File suit on total balances as small as $350 (balances from multiple creditors may be combined to reach this total so even your small balance accounts can receive the benefit of litigation)
  • Collect unpaid judgments
  • Collect returned checks
  • Reporting to all credit reporting agencies follows the debtors wherever they go
  • Send a series of letters to supplement phone calls
  • Use of public record searches
  • Provide litigation, fraud, identity theft and bankruptcy expertise